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Necklace Length Chart


Necklace Length Chart

CHOKER - 16 inches - Falls just above the collarbone

PRINCESS - 18 inches - A popular, medium length

MATINEE - 20 to 24 inches - A popular longer style

OPERA - 28 to 32 inches - Noticeably long; includes most “flapper” style necklaces

LARIAT - Usually 48 inches + - A wrap-around style without a regular clasp. The ends loop through one another. A trendy style of late

ROPE - 40 to 45 inches + - The longest of the long. Not for the wall flower

Standard Necklace Lengths
 - Most necklaces you'll find in jewelry stores measure one of several standard lengths, but even when lengths vary you can use the standards to help visualize how a necklace will fit.


- If your overall build is larger or smaller than what's considered "average," necklaces will fit you differently. Let the lengths of necklaces you already own be your guide to new favorites, or go shopping and try on necklaces of different lengths.

Adjustable Necklaces
 - Some necklaces have extra links at one end so that the clasp on the other end can attach in different places to adjust the necklace length. Adjustable necklaces are versatile, since you can change their appearance to suit your ensemble, and the decorative chains that are often used for end adjustments look attractive as they dangle at the back of your neck. These necklaces are good choices when you're giving a gift and aren't sure which length to buy.

Short Necklaces
 - Short, fifteen or sixteen inch necklaces are called chokers. They rest just above the collarbone, accenting your neckline.

 - Even shorter necklaces are called collars. They wrap snugly around your neck.

Longer Necklaces
 - A princess necklace usually measures about eighteen inches and. hangs just below the collarbone.
 - Twenty-four inch long necklaces are sometimes referred to as matinee length necklaces. They hang much lower of course, extending to the breast area.
 - An opera length is even longer -- 28 or more inches.
 - Ropes are very long necklaces that can be worn as-is or wrapped to create a two-stranded choker.
 - Lariats are another type of very long necklace, but they are unattached at one end so that you can tie and knot them in different ways to suit your style.

Measuring Necklaces
 - The clasp that holds a necklace in place can add three-fourths of an inch, or even more, to its length. When you're shopping online read descriptions carefully to find out if clasp lengths are included in the overall length given for each necklace.  (
Clasp lengths are not included Goddess Divine Jewelry measurements.)

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